Our Elders

About Our Elders, Jeff Patterson and Bob Via

Our Elders are the spiritual leaders of our church (1 Timothy 5:17, Acts 20:28).


Jeff graduated from MACU in 1985.  He has worked for Wells Fargo (Wachovia, First Union) for MANY years.  He plays the bass guitar and sometimes the drums in our worship band.  Jeff is a Carolina Panther's fan and UNC Tarheels fan. He is also the older brother of Scott.


Bob graduated from Appalachian State in 1974 (Go Mountaineers!) He retired from Duke Energy after 35 years of service as a Human Resource Training Manager.  He plays the trumpet in our worship band and leads the adult Sunday School class that meets in the sanctuary.  He is also an avid South Point (Belmont) HS fan, "Go Red Raiders!"

Scott Patterson, Minister

About Scott: 

Scott graduated from Mid Atlantic Christian University in 1987 with a BA in Christian Ministry.  He and his wife, Meribeth, were married that same year.  She graduated from MACU and also from the College of Albemarle with degrees in childhood education and nursing.  They have two sons, Josiah and Bryan. Scott has been the preaching minister at GCC since 2003.


Get to know the real Scott!


  • Coke or Pepsi? Diet Mt. Dew
  • Cats or Dogs?   Komodo Dragons
  • Favorite sports team?   Hoboken Zephyrs
  • Something most people wouldn’t expect about you?  I’m a ninja. 
  • Favorite pastime?   Half-past seven
  • What do you think you could not live without?  Air

Ps 121


Amy Griggs, Dir. of Children's Ministries

About Amy: 

Amy became our Dir. of Children's Ministry in 2019.  She, and her husband Mike, have been members of GCC since 2009.  They have two young children.  Amy also doubles as our Administrative Assistant.  She has a B.A. of Sociology from Franklin College (Indiana).  She and Mike are originally from Indianapolis ("Go Colts!" - from Mike)


Get to know Amy

  • Coke or Pepsi?   Coffee ... and more coffee
  • Cats or Dogs?    Anything but spiders!
  • Favorite sports team?     Sports? Really?
  • Something most people wouldn't expect about you?   I don’t know         
  • Favorite pastime?   I volunteer at my children’s school and at the Crisis Pregnancy Center
  • What do you think you could not live without?   My kids